Print part of a flowchart?

Hello! I’m currently running the trial version of OmniGraffle, and I’m almost ready to buy. There are a couple of things still giving me pause, though… For example, can I print a selection from a flowchart? I’m primarily using it for algorithms, and being able to drill down into a specific function, say, and just get a hard copy or PDF of that might be useful. Is this possible?

Yes. One of the really nice things I have learned is how to use ArtBoards. They are extremely powerful. You can create an artboard layer and draw a box around the parts you want to export. Then go to Export, choose PDF and “Export from Artboards only”.

I am currently doing a map that covers over 3 miles of passage and, using this feature, am able to break the map into uniform Quads. Much easier to read than just the whole map on one page.

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Brilliant, @ScoutsHonor — thank you!