Printing a Project list


I’m wondering if there is a quick way to print a list of all the projects in my OF2 database. The “Project List” is considered one of the essential lists in GTD, and I like having a printout to get the big picture at a glance.

In effect, what I want is to print the sidebar that displays the project hierarchy. My workaround is to go to the highest level, and expand or collapse the folders and projects. In OF1 I had that saved as a perspective (as i could take a snapshot of the current window to a perspective) and it was a bit quicker. But not i need to repeat the process each time I want to update my printout.

Plus, the printout is terribly ugly because everything is in Bold, with a grey background, and no indent or icons.

Is there any way to print the project sidebar, including the icons? Is saving current window as a perspective in the roadmap?



I bet there is an AppleScript for that. Or at least a way to use AppleScript to do it.

I’ve been trying to find an applescript to do this, but no luck.
I downloaded a couple applescripts to try to modify them into doing what I want, but as i’ve never created an applescript before, its quite a task!!!

Does anyone know of an existing applescript to print a flattened project list?


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