Printing Completed not grouping as displayed on-screen

Hi, before I submit this as a bug, I wanted to ensure that this is not a PEBCAK situation.

I am trying to print a quick and dirty “Completed” report. I have a Contexts perspective, which moved over to OF2 from OF1 when I made the switch. The settings in OF2 are as follows:

Don’t use Project hierarchy
Group by completed
Sort by completed
Open in a new window

Filters are: Any Status, Completed, Any Duration, All Contexts

There are no other selections.

On-screen, I get a nice display of Completed Tasks, grouped and sorted by completed. The grouping is (and I assume this is a default, there is no way for me to tweak the grouping) Yesterday, within the last week, within the last month, within the last 3 months…

The problem is that when I print this nice display, I lose my grouping. The only grouping displayed in the print-out is an initial grouping “Omnifocus:Contexts” with all tasks showing in that one group.

Another problem is that there is no way to actually define time boxes for the grouping. For instance, I would like a selection for “last week”, “this week”, “last month”, “this month”, “last quarter”, “this quarter” as well as the ability to define a specific time box (e.g., “January”).

By the way - if I change the settings to “use project hierarchy”, then the grouping displayed on screen is reflected in the print as well. Of course, that is not the grouping I want in a “completed” report. I am looking for chronological grouping.

Team Omni, can you please advise if this is a defect which should be recorded? Also, just in general, will there be further improvements to printing before the June release?


This appears to line up with my reading of an issue one of our Test folks found and filed recently. (I don’t think this is PEBCAK, in other words.) Please send in that report if you get a chance - thanks!

@Brian, thanks! Sent the defect report.


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@Brian and team Omni, this is still broken. Will this be fixed in time for the release? It’s a shame that I can’t get grouping when printing completed tasks.


We weren’t able to fit this onto the schedule for 2.0, but the issue is still on our radar screen.

@Brian, I am disappointed it will not be resolved before next week, but glad it is still on your radar. It is, after all, a bug. :)

(hope it gets into 2.01 !!!)