Printing from OmniOutliner

I just purchased OmniOutliner yesterday to my iPad and have created some documents. I also downloaded the manual. I cannot figure out how to send a document to a printer. Help!

Daft as it may sound, I’m not sure you can. It looks like you have to send it to another app to be able to do it.

I think you’re right. I’ve used all of the options to send it out in an email, to Evernote, to Pages, etc. It maintains its appearance as one long outline, rather than taking into account space for page breaks. I’m creating a manual for a real estate project, and OmniOutliner appeared to be just what I needed. But if I can’t print, then I can’t make a manual.

To be honest, it isn’t something I’ve noticed before because I rarely print and because I have the desktop version. If you have a Mac (running OS X 10.9) and you want to stick with OmniOutliner, you’d be best advised to invest in the desktop version and make use of OmniPresence synching.

not just sounds daft; it is daft