Printing - is it possible to show flags?

Hi, I’m just getting started with the Omnifocus trial version (so far so good!) & suspect this may be the first of many posts as I try to get familiar with the software.

My question is, essentially,when printing a list, is it possible to show (somehow, not really fussy on how) which tasks are flagged? I’m currently able to print a list, and can see completed tasks (if I choose a view that shows them), however, I can’t see any flags. I’m hoping there’s a setting somewhere that I’ve missed or something simple that can help me achieve this!

For context, I am looking at using a similar system to this with regards to grocery shopping lists: (post 6)

Now, what I’d like to do, if possible, is quickly identify items we actually need now, as opposed to items we may want to buy soon (but which I still want on the list–in case we see a good special, for example). I had thought flags would be a good way to achieve this (quick to add/remove, visually identifiable, etc.) however, if I can’t see them on a printed list then it’s obviously not ideal. I’m open to other solutions (other than also purchasing the iPhone app, at this stage).

I could establish a separate context, I suppose, however doing so is a bit more cumbersome and not ideal.

Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can offer. :-)