Printing long OO documents - 26 page maximum can't be right surely?


Am I right there is no way to output to print an Omnioutliner (Pro) document to be longer than 26 pages?

That’s the longest it seems to get - for a document that I found when outputting to HTML is about twice that (although with better formatting controls it should be more space efficient if not printing an HTML document).

The obvious workaround is to print to Word, but I have Pages that doesn’t preserve the outline format. HTML works fine but has less control over outputting columns (there’s no choice other than to include them…).

However the main issue at hand is I cannot seem to print an actual OO file to output more than 26 pages whatever I try… It’s meant for organising information and that’s not excessive so what can I be doing wrong?

There’s no relevant options in print dialogues or preferences I can see that has an effect. I’ve tried dividing printing into sections but he start point of each print output seems random (not what’s selected) and since the maximum always seems to be 26 pages - that seems to suggest a general maximum - that has top be a bug surely???

You might have already tried this, but since you mention you have Pro you should play with the manual page break option. I don’t have an outline that is as long as yours so I cannot reproduce your situation at the moment.

In the Inspector panel, click on the first (style) pane. Then look for the “Start a new page” option. Does that work?

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Firstly, thanks - that pointed to the solution.

First time trying, it caused a crash (reported).

Second time - it still defaulted to a 26 page maximum but starting on page 11 (for no apparent reason). So clicking the radio button to print from page 1 in the print dialogue seems to make available the option to print the whole document.

But this was only after unclicking the ‘start a new page’ option you described, as that would cause a 100 plus page document to print, with many pages only containing a few lines of outline headings.

Hence, you seem to have got to a fix for the issue if not entirely the cause and solution… I think.

Thanks again.

I suspect that it started printing on page 11 because when you gave the command to print, you were either scrolled to an item that was on page 11 or you had that page 11 item selected. You can easily test this by making sure the first item is selected and the window is scrolled to the beginning.

The “start a new page” option for each style is interesting—good to know it is there, as I see how it could cause unexpected behavior!