Printing project reports?

My boss has me print out a 1 to 2 page Excel spreadsheet each week that shows all the projects I’m working on with information like start dates, due dates, comments, percent completed, etc, for each project. All these projects I have in OmniFocus of course. I wish I could print such a project overview directly from OmniFocus rather than having to edit this Excel sheet manually everyday because the process of producing these reports can take upwards of 1.5 hours sometimes.

I know OmniFocus has the ability to print whatever you’re viewing but it doesn’t seem to offer options about what data to present and how to show it.

Does anyone who’s in a similar situation to mine know of better way to produce printable reports that give an overview of your projects in OmniFocus? I’m all ears.



Hi Sheridan,

I have an Applescript I’m using to get a Markdown file of all my tasks that are overdue or due soon. It will also include tasks that have a start date (defer date). This would get you 90% of the way there just by adding some variables on lines 50 and 66 (e.g. project name).

I have an older version of the same script that did show the Context and Project name. I updated the gist to use the first tag of an action.


Have you tried exporting from Omnifocus as a .CSV file, adding data to an Excel Table, then use Pivot Table to present the information that you need for your boss?

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Indeed, my way was an AppleScript to export csv and call an Automator workflow to read data and perform manipulations.
Automator IMO allows you to be less technical and work step by step towards the desired solution. If you just print, consider using numbers instead of excel as a medium if you want to run applescripts on the spreadsheet.

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