Printing the bullets on paper does not work

Hello, I am using version 5.5.1 of OmniOutliner on my MacBook Air (OS Catalina). Onscreen I get to see (and use) the bullets in my layout. When I print my document, my bullets are gone. Exporting to a Word document (both versions) gives me the same non-result. Can anybody guide me on this one? Thanks.

Do you have ‘print row handles’ checked in the Print… dialogue? (Assuming that the ‘Content’ dropdown is selected, it’s the third item under ‘Document’)

I do not have that screen layout, neither do I have the option to check “print row handles” in the dialogue. I am working with the Essentials Version, maybe that option is only available in the PRO version?

Hmm… could be.

It’s not listed on the comparison but you never know:

Does 'Essentials have an ‘OmniOutliner Help’ in the Help menu? If so, try checking for Importing, Exporting, and Printing > Printing in OmniOutliner. For Pro, it shows what the dialogue should look like and then has a Content Printing Options which gives a brief explanation for such features. That might clarify whether it is an Essential feature.