Private Test Download Requires Authentication

I’m running a private build of OmniFocus (2.5.3 (v106.11 r260419)) on OS X El Capitan 10.11.5. Recently, after receiving an update is available notification, I try to download the update but receive a prompt indicating “Omni Focus Update This download requires authorization” – fields for name and password are provided.

I’ve attempted using various Omni-related credentials and nothing works.

I checked the website where private builds used to be available, and nothing is there.

It appears the test process has changed, and I don’t see anything about a new way to go about it. Did I miss something? Are test builds no longer available?

I had asked this in an e-mail to Tech Support. The new beta tests are privates betas (not public betas) that includes a new encrypted sync format which paves the way for new data changes to the database. It’s not for the faint of heart. You won’t be able to revert back to the old sync format if you go this route. Ideally you would be signed up to the iOS OmniFocus beta program as well as the macOS beta program to make sure you are syncing between all of your iOS devices and Macs.

This is a message from today’s update:

So if you want to play with fire and have a small chance of mangling your data, you can sign up for the private beta program. I’m prepared to sit this one out.

You will have to intentionally opt in to become a guineau pig with the sign-up. Good luck.

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Got it, thanks – saw the messages on the new encryption format and thought perhaps that was part of the issue. I’ll take a look. I’ve got enough data in the system that losing it would be painful, but not fatal. Maybe I’ll take the plunge.