Problem exporting to Visio 2007 -- is it me?

I am now using Omnigraffle 6 (Pro features).

I have tried to do something which I have done successfully in the past with Omnigraffle 5 Pro – namely to export a simple drawing to a Visio vdx file and then open it in elsewhere in Visio 2007.

Now, with OG6, Visio 2007 crashes (always – it appears the file is corrupt or malformed).

Does anyone know if OG6 is relying on something (file format changes or whatever) that are only available in a later version of Visio ?

… or is there some simple fix ?

… or is there a problem with OG6’s export ?


I’m having a problem with Visio 2010–orthogonal connectors from OG6 can’t be edited in Visio 2010. Been waiting a while for this fix. I’ve been having to keep OG5 around specifically for exporting to Visio. So, yes, there’s a problem with OG6 visio export. Sounds like there might be more than one problem.

Out of curiosity, have you tried exporting an empty drawing or a drawing with a single shape in it?