Problem linking to other canvases in PDF export

I’m using OmniGraffle 7.22.4 (v205.41.0) and having a problem with linking to other canvases in PDFs. Regardless of whether I select “Highlight an Object”, “Zoom to Display a Rectangle” or “Switch to a Specific Canvas” I see the same behavior in MacOS Preview and Adobe Acrobat: it switches to the right canvas, but focused on the center of the canvas, not the top (where the object I selected was and where I put the rectangle). This is in the “Continuous” mode of PDF viewing.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to make the links go to the top of the page instead of the middle?

Thanks for any help or insight you can provide!

I didn’t even know this option existed. I need to check this out!


Followup: I also had OmniGraffle 6, so I checked to see if it had the same problem. Linking to a point had the same problem, but linking to a canvas, rectangle, or selected object all worked as expected. So my immediate problem is resolved, but it does seem like a bug that should be fixed in v7.