Problem to modify date review


I´ve a problem that I don’t understand.

For example:
I’ve a project with last review: 5 Jul 2016
I modify date next review: 8 oct
If I return to check date next review, date its: 10 Oct 2017
Then, I return to modify date next review: 8 Oct.
If I move me although omnifocus, and I return to see the same project the date next review, other time, date returns to 10 Oct.

Why? :(


If you are using a non-English system on your Mac, this sounds like a variant of a bug that I have experienced, where it’s not possible to manually set the next review date to tomorrow or the day after that (having to do with different date formats for those dates). I reported this to The Omni Group in October 2016. We may have better chances to have the bug fixed if more users report it to

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Is it true? If this is true, I think that they have to fix without help or without we have to tell to they…


They have to prioritize, I guess, and it might not be as easy to fix as one eould think. Does it work to set the date three days or more into the future, and not one or two days? Then it should be the same bug.