Problem with magnets and connections inspector

Hi, I’m new to OmniGraffle (Version 6.1 for Mac on Yosemite) and cannot work out how magnets function in this new version. The manual refers to a Connections Inspector that is supposed to appear if I call up Command-3 for the Canvas Inspector (see attached snippet from manual) but there is no such thing, and no reference to magnets in any other Inspector or otherwise that I can find. I just want to create a corporate structure chart with lines connected to rectangles on the standard 8 points - 4 corners and 4 mid-edges. However:

  • Each shape I create only has one default magnet in the centre - not on the corners and edges
  • If I add a magnet on a shape (such as a rectangle) to overcome the above problem, it does not snap to any of the 8 standard points
  • I cannot delete that magnet later
  • Lines do not snap to the magnets I have created

If someone could kindly assist me or point me to where the magnet / connection settings can be accessed for lines and objects in Omnigraffle 6.1 for Mac I would be very grateful. Thanks.

Hmm, using OG 6.1.1. magnets seem to work fine for me.

First off, do a CMD-3 when the/a shape is selected. CMD-3 without a selected shape reveals nothing. So, select shape, press CMD-3 this should bring up the properties inspector with the connections showing as the first set of selections. There are several choices here but for a quick selection of magnets, use the dropdown box to select e.g. 4 magnets in NSEW configuration.

If you want to add custom magnets, it is best to double click the magnet tool so that it stays selected. With the magnet tool on, hover over your shape and you should see one or more purple circles i.e., the magnets. Click your shape to add, click and drag a circle to move it and option click to delete it.

Hope that helps.

Also worth noting that many connections-related functionalities were moved to the ‘Pro’ version in Omnigraffle 6—a pretty heinous regression IMO.