Problem with older files - Lines all go to upper left corner

I am currently running version 7.12.1 on a MacBook Pro.

I have some files that were made several years ago (no idea what version). When I try to open them they are messed up now. All of the lines have one point anchored in the upper left hand corner of the canvas.

What happened? How do I fix it (short of redrawing every line)?

Like this:

The file format is the same with the older versions so I would try back-leveling to 7.11 or 7.10 and send an eMail to Omni tech support. 7.12 is still pretty raw and I think they might want to know about this issue.

Thanks @ScoutsHonor. I am actually at my office now and this machine is running 7.11.5 and it is the same issue. I have emailed support.

I don’t actually know how to back-level. Can I do the from within the app or do I need to find the older file somewhere and re-install?

You can go here and check under older versions. I like 7.10.2 but it’s not listed anywhere.

There is a fix for this in the upcoming 7.12.2 release. You can download test builds here: