Problem with Repeating Tasks in Projects

I have daily tasks that I want to accomplish everyday, and I have created a specific “Everyday” project that recurs daily, deferred to 12:00AM and due at 11:59PM on that day.

Basically, I’m looking for a Project view where each recurring task should disappear after I mark it as completed, and I don’t want to see the next day’s tasks until the next day.

I’ve been playing around with the settings for several hours now and this doesn’t seem to be possible. The only way to view tasks that are due today is the Forecast view, but that doesn’t support a project hierarchy.

Is this not possible?

Have you made sure that your project view is set to “Available” and that your repetition settings on the actions are set to defer to the next day (e.g. “Defer another”)? I think that would meet your needs.

Ah I found the issue (I was using the “Available” filter). Specifying the repeat dates on the top-level project causes the tasks under it to have dates of “Deferred with container”. I think this causes a new task to be created with also “Deferred with container” after one is created, and the container’s defer date is set to today, so tomorrow’s task starts today and displays.

Manually setting the repeat date for each task inside the project works.