Problem with setbounds undo with lines

I have a variety of shapes - circles, rectangles - with centre points marked with 0.25pt lines. This actually represent drill holes for a panel so are precisely positioned. If I ‘group’ all items for the panel, I can set bounds by manually typing in new co-ordinates and shift them all to a new position on the page.

If I “undo” the set bounds, the shapes move back to their original position (actually, I’m not sure about this now - they may not be based on a recent test) but the lines only move near-abouts! I then have to go back through each one, re-positioning to their proper (original) location.

If I click and drag the group to a new position, then everything moves. If I click and drag back, everything moves. This approach keeps everything in place but is not so precise.

In terms of shifting things around, Omnigraffle is not calculating positions correctly for lines except with drag and drop.

I am curious because I don’t think I have used that feature but want to know what it is. Are you referencing the Geometry section where you can set coordinates/height/width?

Yes, the geometry section. Actually typing in the information is incredibly useful as it’s a lot more precise than drag and drop, or click and drag (to resize) especially when you need to relate object positions to each other. I have found with electronic components, as an example, that the dimensions can be fairly strange and the drill holes for them sized in fractions of a mm! Clearly it’s not actually possible to drill a hole that accurate but you do need to centre it exactly so that when fitted the part looks right.

The issue here is that re-positioning a grouped set of objects using the geometry section does not properly move ‘line’ objects which is a pain to say the least.

Actually, what I’ve just realised is that I need to raise it as a bug report.

Is it just the lines that act weird or do any other objects have ‘odd’ behavior?

I used to use Curved Lines for my drawings but switched to Straight Lines with rounded nodes because Curved did some ‘interesting’ things and I was having trouble being exact enough.

A bug report does sound appropriate. What version are you using? I keep trying the new ones 7.11.3/4/5 and keep having to return to 7.10.2 because of new issues breaking things.

As far as I can tell, just lines. I tend to avoid curves as I can’t work out how to get them to ‘curve’ how I want! I’m using the latest version.