Problems in 3.10 w/ labels not appearing?

I’ve emailed Omni support, but I thought I’d check here to see if anybody else is experiencing the same issue.

With the new 3.10 release, trying to add a text object or a label to a line has broken. The text cursor shows up in some arbitrary position and the text itself doesn’t appear. Rather, it seems to be trying to fill a super-narrowed object somewhere. If you manage to select that object and drag one of the handles out, the text becomes visible. But it’s tricky to do reliably.

I suspect it’s just that the text object and line labels are defaulting to “filling” the object with text as described for other shapes in the new feature list. But for lines and line lables, the default should be something else, since there’s no shape to fill…

Hoping for a quick 3.10.1 fix!

I am not seeing that here in 3.10, but if you select that text label and look in the Text Position inspector, what does it say? Does it happen in all documents, or just a certain document? I’d expect a default line label to say Middle-Center-Resize at the top. If that is not the case, try changing the text flow and the Horizontal and Vertical margins.

We have had a report of text in tables causing a problem like this. If your text is in a table, you may be able to temporarily work around this issue by making your text margins smaller in the table until we can make a fix available.


p.s. If this happens just in certain documents, can you please email us an example document that reproduces this issue at so we can be sure to resolve this problem completely for you?

Hi @lanettetest

The problem happens in all documents, including brand new documents. I have screen recording that I can share.

It happens that the text says middle-right-resize. But the problem looks like the “resize” isn’t occuring. It’s staying at a zero width (and the cursor happens to be nowhere near the usual label spot)

The text is not in a table.

I’ve emailed the screen recording to the email address above.

Thank you for your video! I see how to reproduce this issue now. The default text style usually doesn’t have wrap to shape on, and that is required to reproduce this bug. Thank you so much for your detailed report. I will make sure this is reported to the team.