Problems with app icon and location tags in version 4.2

Hello all,

I’m running in trial mode (version slightly ahead of the official release), with 7 days remaining before my purchase. I’ve been struggling a bit since some of the bugs I’ve encountered are apparently isolated to the trial version. Two that I’ve confirmed are trial-version only are the inability to retain toolbar customizations and not being able to open the application staring in a custom perspective. I now have two more significant bugs and am wondering if they are only in the trial version.

Even though I set a different App icon in settings, the application’s icon does not change. I’ve rebooted since making that change and that didn’t fix it.

Location tags don’t work. I cannot drop a pin on the pop-up map. Also, I cannot enter an address to use. I type my address to the point of it geocoding successfully so that the full address shows up below the enter field. But nothing I do can confirm that entry and have it apply to the tag.

Are these known bugs and are they only a problem with the trial version?

I heard back from support.

The app icon doesn’t currently work when running TestFlight version. Problem solved!

You have to drag the pin that’s initially, automatically place on the current location. You can’t click on the map to drop a pin. There doesn’t seem to be a way to use a pin if WiFi is off and the application cannot determine the current location. Problem not quite solved, but solved for me; even though I connect to my network using Ethernet, I can turn on WiFi when needed.

And, not sure how I missed this…You have to click on the resulting geocoded address to select it. It gives no indication that’s it’s clickable, but I feel silly that I hadn’t tried that.

Sorry for the noise.