Problems with Outlook 2010 mail rules

Hi all!

Hope someone can help.

In Outlook 2010, I have created a QuickMove(?) action to move and categorise [to “Omni”] a selected email into a “To_Omni” folder.

That works as planned.

That folder has a rule in place, that when a message appears in the folder, categorised as “Omni”, it must automatically forward that email to my Omni.sync address.

When I run the rule, the message is forwarded - as is apparent from my Outbox.

Here’s the problem- it never makes it into my Omni. If I manually forward the same email again, from inside the Outbox - it arrives, but not when forwarded automatically!

Anyone have any idea as to why? Surely the outcome should be the same?

Much obliged!

Sent in a Support Query. Will pop something up here, when I get a reply.