Procedure for rolling back to v1?

I have OF v2 on my Macbook Air and v1 on my iMac. I’ve decided I want to stick with v1, so I want to roll back the MBA to v1. I thought I saw a link on this forum recently to some instructions on how to do this, but now I can’t find it! Could some kind person please post it if they know where it is? Thanks!

Hi @macronencer, do you know which store you purchased version 1 of OmniFocus through? (You should be able to tell by looking at the v1 install on your iMac). You should be able to just re/install v1 on your MacBook Air, and connect it to your sync account to pull your data in. You’re welcome to email us if you’d like assistance with that!

Starting with OmniFocus 1 doesn’t work; when I set up sync I’m taken to the OmniSync site and I do not get the option of creating an account on the older server so actually my OmniFocus1 gets stuck and I cannot use it at all.

Sorry for the frustration! There is no newer or older server—what’s in a sync account is determined by which versions of OmniFocus have previously synced there. If you email we can get you fixed up.