Product Idea -- Omni Calendar

I’m a long time OmniFocus user and also use Omni Plan, especially for Gantt charts.

A recurring issue is the disconnect between OF and the calendars that we use. It is my sense that most discussions contemplate integrations with existing calendar apps.

Rather than create a workflow or try to create a script, why not create an OmniCalendar that imports data from OF and OmniPlan? I would gladly pay for that product.

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Here’s something from Rosemary Orchard using Keyboard Maestro that will do something like this:

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Of course Rosemary Orchard has a script for this!

Thanks for the reference!


Hi @bpearce1. Using KBM is a good idea and I’ll offer another one: if you can change your calendar to Fantastical ( then I can’t say enough about it. I pay a family subscription and find it to be extremely useful. It’s seamless with Apple Calendar and OF. The OF Forecast perspective seamlessly merges your calendar events onto the view. I’m only a subscriptor and not otherwise affliated with the company.

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