Project-Based Perspective Feature Requests

Hey all,

I emailed this over to Omni, but thought I’d share here for thoughts.



A couple feature requests for project-based perspectives:

  1. If a folder doesn’t contain any projects that match perspective criteria, do not display the folder in the sidebar

  2. If a project inside a folder has a due item, the collapsed folder shows a badge, but expanded, neither the folder nor any projects show a badge, so can’t easily tell which project has the due item. Would love to see the badge present against both folder and projects with folder expanded.



I would see that thing very usefull

Haha, thanks, @kamil! I got a response, and apparently there’s a open request for (1) and an open defect/bug for (2).

Note that the Omni group only registers support for work on particular items if you email them, though. So if you;re as keen as I am, shoot them a note ;)



Already did!

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