Project contexts - can't see any project tasks in context

I’m wanting to play with contexts (I typically live in the project view and just work on individual projects). I don’t want to assign each task in the project a context so I figured ok I’ll assign a context to the project. If I do that, and go to the context view, I only see the project name as a task.

How is this useful? It doesn’t quite make sense why I would want to be unaware that there are subtasks in a project and then just complete all of them without knowing what I’m completing (if I’m living in the context). Can someone explain this? Is there no way to assign a general context to a project then see each subtask in the context view? Or what’s the practical use case here? Is the assumption you go to contexts to get big picture then—and actually know that the “task” in the context is a project not a task?)

New actions added to a project that has a context/tag will automatically have it assigned. It doesn’t work retroactively.

So for this case, you’ll need to add the context to those actions in the project.

In addition to new tasks will have a context, you can command click and select all the actions within a project and change the context. If you get in the habit of adding a context to projects then things go faster. I usually fix missing project contexts at my weekly review.

Ah thanks! That works. Seems odd and would seem more intuitive to apply it to all rather than just show the project as a task in the context. I knew there had to be a way, seemed way too cumbersome to have to do it on each task.