Project Flags and Tags

Is there a way to change settings that I’m not seeing so that the tasks within a project do not inherit the flag or tag assigned to the project itself?

I have projects that are simply ongoing, meaning they will never reach any sort of completion. So I tag them as such: ‘ongoing project’. When I do this however, new tasks created within the project inherit the ‘ongoing project’ tag and I have to manually delete this tag.

Some projects also need to stay top of mind for the time being so I want to flag them. They’re not necessarily due, but they need to be prioritized. You would probably suggest using a priority tag in this regard, but what helps my brain stay on top of certain priorities is visuals. The bright orange colour of a flagged project or task really grabs my eyes and keeps me thinking about that item. But every single task within a flagged project does not need to be flagged along with it. It makes more sense to be able to pick and choose each flag, even if the parent task or project is flagged.

And an aside question, I’m curious why the OmniFocus team has chosen not to have a completion circle to be check-marked for projects themselves? We use task managers not only to manage our lives, but to enjoy the feeling of getting things done and that sweet sweet check-mark really satisfies (minus the lack of a sound to go with it). Why not have a completion circle beside each project as well their tasks? It’s just not the same or at all satisfying going into the inspector or submenu to mark it complete.

I have the same wish.

My workaround is to use the “duration” field to prioritize projects. Duration doesn’t get inherited by tasks. (Others have suggested text strings in the note field like ***, but I prefer having a real field that is respected by sort, and find it easier to adjust)

set up a perspective to sort projects by duration, and just use 1,2,3 or 10, 20, 30 (I like having the extra digit for finer tuning).

That’s a great idea. Thank you

Before I could give you an answer about what‘s possible I need to ask how you want to see things if everything would work as you desire.

How do you want to see these ongoing projects? Do you want to see them in their own list? What is it that makes them different?

How many priorities do you need? Just some of the projects need to be distinguished from the other projects or some kind of A/B/C…?

Do you have the OmniFocus Pro license?

They have completion circles in the sidebar of the project perspective, but you just see them for on hold, dropped and completed projects. Not for available projects. But I get your point.