Project hierarchy vs Filtering in Perspectives

Could anyone explain why it is not possible to preserve action hierarchy within projects and be able to filter by “Flagged OR Due Soon”? Thus being able to see actions that are either flagged or due soon but listed in project groups? Alternatively is there a way to put the contexts back in to the main view when preserving action hierarchy rather than in the sidebar. I find it quite distracting to look at a list of selected contexts.

Basically my perspective shows me actions that are in work contexts and are either due soon, overdue or flagged.

Would it work for you to “Group actions independently”, then group and sort actions by projects, but filter by “Due or Flagged”?

Thanks for your reply! I guess this is called user error, your suggestion works for me! A supplemental question: Is there a way to hide the list of contexts in this view but without hiding the sidebar in total? I don’t really like seeing the list of selected contexts but would still like easy access to the sidebar to change perspectives?

You could create one master context, nest all the other contexts underneath it, then collapse the outline to hide all the contexts, so only the one top level item shows. It won’t buy you any more real estate - that part of the sidebar will still be visible, but it will enable you to not see all the contexts.

Thanks rogbar, although I’m not sure that would work across different perspectives. i.e if perspective A uses contexts 1,2,3 and 4 and perspective B uses contexts 1,3,5,7 then this wouldn’t work as the nesting would have to be particular to the perspective unless I’ve misunderstood?

We don’t currently support that configuration. Please send an email to so the Support Humans can add your vote to the feature in our bug database.