Project Management Best Practice, advice needed

I could really use some feedback here please.

Some scene setting. I am a lone developer trying to hone my code project workflows which I am in the middle of rethinking.

Since Github made private repositories possible in free accounts I have moved from Bitbucket, and tried to up my game in this area. Visual Studio Code (my code editor of choice) now integrates “Github issues” (basically ToDo’s commented in the code or added directly to Github) directly into the editor. This means that I can embed tasks in the code, and via integromat have them automatically sent to Omnifocus. This seems to be working well so far.

My next issue and the one I could do with some comments on is how to set up projects in OF. I have tried a series of action lists within one overall project, this sort of works as it breaks it into “sprints” but is not ideal (continually promoting one area above another when things change), I am thinking about breaking the design project into smaller projects held in a folder something like this…

  • Complete Initial Admin and Setup
  • Configure CMS Plugins and Settings
  • Code Issues (basically my code notes as tasks from Github).
  • Put Out Fires, (or some other name) Misc things that come in not code or CMS related.

While this is a relatively logical order and I may need a “finishing up” project, I would welcome comments about how others set up this type of project (a few weeks long and various distinct parts).

Thanks in advance.

I develop code projects on the side for various aspects of my work. I use two apps to track my workflow, OmniFocus and Curio.

In OF, I have a template project as below …

The Sprint action group is set to defer by one day.

When I am prepared to start a release version, I copy the project, rename it, and activate it. I set the goal, objectives, and metrics. Then, I start a Sprint on a “beta” release. As I develop the code, I track the changes in Curio. I have an idea space that looks like this …

I also have a Kanban board in Curio for my coding projects.

This allows me to track the projects in the Status Shelf in Curio.

Curio is my starting point to review the big-picture status of my projects. I can jump to a Kanban board item from the status shelf. Each Kanban board item has a jump action to the project in OmniFocus and reference links to the idea space for the development.

You may only need to extract the part from OmniFocus. Set up a beta-version Sprint with its defined objectives. Once completed, decide whether those changes constitute a release version or whether you need another beta-sprint.

Hope this gives some ideas for improvements.


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Thank you, much appreciated.

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