Project Usage Question

Hi, I find that the last action in a small project is often actually the same as the name/description or purpose of the project, sometimes I find this confusing and I was wondering whether this is just me and whether others had the same concerns and had perhaps though about a way forward in OMNI.

Let me explain - I have an action to send a customer some reporting data but before doing so I need to collect and review the data - Omni would look ike this

Project-Send the customer the reporting data they have requested for May 2015
Action—Request Fred to extract the data and produce the report
Action—Review the report Fred produced with Fred
Action—Send the customer the reporting data they have requested for May 2015

In the above the last action that effective closes the project is in fact the name of the project - occasionally this gets confusing.

Hopefully I have I explained my question, thank you for any thoughts or tips


Go to the Preferences window and click on the Organization button.

Uncheck the preference for

In pespectives without project hierarchy: [ √ ] Include projects and groups


A different or alternative approach to this problem is to make use of Capital Letters with short titles on Projects (or Action Groups) and lower case letters with verb + action on tasks.

May 2015 Report (project)

  • request report from Fred (@contact)
  • review report with Fred (@Fred)
  • complete summary of next actions from report (@do)

You should then immediately be able to see the difference between Actions and Project in any lists.



What if you left out the last task as its action is already in the project title and then tick off ‘Complete when completing last action’ in the inspector?
Or alternatively don’t give projects action names such as send, do, collect etc. (That is what I do).
I agree that having almost identical names can be confusing in context perspectives.