Project without Due Date

Wanting to set up a project with 5 sequential items, but I don’t yet have a due date.

Example: 4 items under the project are due within a month, a week, 3 days, and day before.

Is there a way that I can set up the project without a due date, and then once I have a due date selected, everything can fall into place?

I would love to have this as well. Relative dates would be a great step towards OmniFocus project templates.

Send an e-mail to Omnigroup Support Humans at for any feature requests or bug reports. They will record your e-mail into their internal database to help prioritize future OmniFocus development.

Relative dates are supported in the Taskpaper format, though, so you could write out/plan the project in Apple Notes or TextEdit, using a placeholder for your due date, then, once you have your due date, do a Find and Replace on the placeholder with the proper date and then paste to OF.

For example:

  • This is a test project @due(xyz)
    • Test task one @due(xyz -3w)
    • Test task two @due(xyz -2w)
    • Test task three @due(xyz -1w)

… then later Find/Replace xyz with, say, 2017-07-01, select all, copy, paste to OF.

Kinda hacky, but totally possible.


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This is very helpful, and worked. Also figured out that you don’t need bullet points, but can start the main project header left justified and have the submissive points below, just tabbed over once.

Haha that is very correct - sorry, the forum here formats dashes as bullets, and I wasn’t bothered to comment it out or treat it like code.