Projects perspective permanently organized by due date

I am running Omnifocus 3.15.3 (v151.35.36) on MacOS 11.6.8 (Big Sur). I had a MacOS system crash the other day, and ever since my project perspective has been organized by date. The top-level organization is “Due Today”, “Tomorrow”, “Within the next week”, “…next month”, etc. Then underneath each of these, the projects are listed according to the soonest due date of any task that is within the project. I want to turn this off so that my Projects perspective just lists the projects in the priority order I have defined without any regard to due dates. (This is how the perspective functioned before my system crash.)

I really can’t figure oput how to do this. If I open the perspective property pane (the “eye” icon in the top right), it does not have any settings that address how the projects are organized in the perspective. Has anyone else seen this or know how to put my Projects perspective back the way it was before the crash?

Hi again,

I just talked to support on the phone and we were able to resolve the problem. One thing that I did not explain well when I stated the problem was that this IS NOT a custom perspective. This is the built-in Projects perspective.

Here are the steps:

  1. From the menu, choose Perspectives > Show Perspectives
  2. Within the Perspectives viewer, select the Projects perspective
  3. Go to the Settings Gear in the lower left and choose “Revert Perspective to Default Settings”

This resolved the problem.

FWIW, I have “hacked” this by prepending the project name with the due date & sorting

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