Projects perspective: sort order?

I’m using the default Projects perspective, and cannot figure out the sort order. (“Sort by” is not one of the options offered for this perspective.)

It’s not sorted alphabetically by action, not by context, or deferred date or due date, or flagged vs unflagged … it seems random. Or am I missing something?

(The default Contexts perspective does give you the option to choose a sort order.)

Is there some way to set the sort order for this?


The order you’re seeing is probably the order in which the tasks were entered. The Projects perspective only permits manual sorting. Simply drag tasks around to the order you’d prefer.

Thanks for the reply, Peter. Is there a reason that this one perspective has manual sorting, and only manual sorting? Is there a reason not to give the user the option of sorting it by one of the methods used in pretty much every other perspective? Seems very odd to me.

if you create a project, it might assume that you will be executing the tasks in the order arranged. The default Projects perspective will show your project tasks in manual order.

You will need OmniFocus Pro upgrade to create custom perspectives that will allow you to see a list of tasks in a different sort oder.

Hi rogbar,

Sorry, I don’t know why. The Omni people would have to answer that question. As wilsonng has suggested you can create custom perspectives with the Pro upgrade that would allow you to sort tasks automatically.

Will we ever get all the great sort options back that we had in OmniFocus 1? I have much hope since with OF2.5 we now have the styles back which was a major hold back for me even with the backend hack that had been there for a while. I have now made the jump to OF 2.5 Pro (though I have had it for coming up on 2 years this summer).

In projects view we had several ways to sort and in Context we still have some ways to sort but can’t click on column headers like you would intuitively do in many applications and like you use to do. Also having so many great options in the view menu made for ease of using AppleScript and third party apps like QuicKeys and Keyboard Maestro to make shortcuts for highly used options instead of constantly making perspectives. I already have about 50 perspectives and don’t need more just to quickly change the sort order in the current perspective.