Projects showing in context view! Is this expected?


I’m using the pro version of OF and noticed a strange issue today. When I create a new project in the projects perspective (with no actions) and then switch to the context perspective I see it listed under the ‘no context’ section. I thought that the ‘contexts’ perspective only showed actions? Once I add an action to the project then everything appears normal. However as soon as I mark the action complete the project pops back up in the contexts view under ‘no context’.

Is this expected behaviour and if so why?


There is a preference under OmniFocus Preferences in the Organization tab to include projects and groups in perspectives without project hierarchy. Context is one of those perspectives without a project hierarchy. If you uncheck that box in your preferences they will not show. By default it is checked since they are items you can assign a context to, but you can uncheck it if you prefer not to see them.

I hope this helps!


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