Projekt View: Sort completed tasks in opposite order

I wish to sort completed tasks in opposite order. Last completed shoulde be on top.

I often have to switch between my projects, it is important to see what’s last completed and what is the next step.
If there are many completed tasks, I have to scroll down to the bottom to see my last completed task.
Is it possible to sort last completed on top of the list?
There is an option “sort once” for completed date, but there’s no way to sort in opposite order.
Does anyone know how to do this in OF2.5?

Thank You

Hi Michael,

Maybe someone else knows of a better way to accomplish this, but here are the steps that worked for me to sort by date completed, which you can select when you have more than one action item selected in the Inbox, Review or in Projects. You also can reorder your Contexts when selected in the sidebar.

  1. In Projects, select what you want to sort in the Outline view (so if it is just part of a project, or all of a project, you can . Try using the columnar view with the Complete Date showing for this one.
  2. Select Choose from the Organize menu, Sort Once by “Date Completed”.

There is no backwards option that shows you the oldest item first though. In OF 2.5, if you have the default “Completed” perspective, it groups by the items most recently completed, and goes backwards in time. If you are using the Pro version, you can experiment with how to “Group” them projects in a customized version of the Completed perspective. In your case grouping by project and sorting by “Completed” might be worth a try.

I hope this helps!