Proper graphic file format

When I am bringing hand sketched drawings in to serve as a basis for the prettier vector drawing, I have been bringing in PDFs. The seem to scale well and retain sufficient detail. However, my overall file size has exploded! My current file size is 52MB…and that is less than a quarter of the drawings (have not started tracing yet).

I have lots of disk space so that’s not an issue aside from sharing the drawing. The bigger issue is application response slowing down the more graphics I add.

Maybe some of the performance can be aided by only displaying the graphics when working on those sections? But it does lead me to the following

Is there a better file format to use or would it be better to clip as much as possible before inserting into the file to improve file size and performance?

Have you gotten our 7.11 performance test flight build yet? We are specifically working on making this faster.

See if a build from is going to work better. It should be much faster. If not, please let us know what is still not as fast as it could be.



I have not. Is it alright for me to load it? Don’t want to make an assumption.

Conversely, I have started using a selection of a graphic instead of the entire. Still mask out extra but now masking (and document holding) much smaller image.

If you want to compare, it’s ok to keep the test build in another folder in Applications so you still have access to the official release build. The test builds do expire after a few weeks, so they are just for temporary use as a workaround, but we’ve worked hard on making images faster in many scenarios, so I think it’s worth a try.

Okay. That’s how I set it up. Trying things with the test build and working on stable version.

Thing I have found so far is the placed graphics move (turn or offset) and sometimes are not visible. Weird. Closed down test build, restarted and reloaded and somewhat better. Then images started to move. Will see if I can find a reason. I have 57 images on one canvas and 38 on another - each with a mask - so a lot to manage.

Once we have a new test flight build posted, both of those issues should be solved.

Okay. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Thank you. This was useful.

Just downloaded 336168 version to try. Thank you.