Proposal for a different flag design

I think that the flags add a lot of noise to the current design by being incongruent with the circles. I can understand that people who are color blind had difficulties before to see if something is flagged but now we get the information twice: an orange colored circle and an additional flag that adds noise.

I’d suggest adding a dot instead of the flag which would fit much better to the current UI with the round circles and it would also be a bit more subtle.

I’ve attached an image with some different sized dots and how they looked compared to the current flag.

What do you guys think?


I have to say I prefer the flag looking like a flag. I like the specificity of it. It’s more intuitive than a dot. In my opinion, for a complex system like this, the fewer symbols we have to learn how to interpret, the better.

Omnigroup never intended to have a flag additionally to the orange colored circle to show if a task is flagged. The iPhone version also comes with just a colored orange circle and no flag.
I think in order to keep this sleek clean design Omnigroup should get rid of this big flag (which just indicates something that is already evident by seeing the orange colored circle) and instead use something more subtle like a dot.

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I hear you … my problem was I found the different colors for the circles confusing. I always had to look up what color meant what. The flag to me was something clear and unmistakeable. But, as they say, different strokes …

The difference between Due and flagged entries was definitely not very obvious ( and I test people for colour vision defects). I really appreciated the flag incorporation but it does look at bit jarring against the other page elements where there are a lot of flagged entries. I think the first example with the small dot is a real improvement and would make flagged entries easy to distinguish but still relatively subtle

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On balance I think the explicit flag is an improvement, especially as it also provides a quick way to set the flag - especially during quick entry for those of us with limited memory for keyboard shortcuts :-)

I would add that for me, the whole idea of a flag IS to stand out.