Public test builds of OmniFocus 2.3 are now available

OmniFocus 2.3 is now in public test, with a “Custom Columns” layout option and title folding:

This replaces the temporary “compact layout” option with something which is much more flexible (letting you hide and show various columns) and which can be customized for each perspective.

Enjoy! You can download the new test builds from


Lookin’ slick! This is my favorite enhancement since 2.0 came out. I love the fact that the views are perspective-specific. Thanks!

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Hi Ken

How do I fit more text in the title and not have it be more than one line?

Also, the circles feel very small oh my retina iMac.

This is an exciting update!

From the View menu, choose Show Full Item Title > When Selected.

Hope that helps!

I think davids meant how do you resize the columns

This is, as expected, the biggest improvement to OmniFocus 2.

What’s left? I would ask for the “x remaining” and similar information be moved from under the large project or context title and placed after it on the same line. The same text wrapping rules could apply as for the action title.


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I’ll give this a try.

Thanks Ken!

Hi Ken

Any plans to add the estimated time field to the quick entry panel?

Yes, we’re also updating Quick Entry to let you choose which columns you’d like to see.



Will there be a way to see total estimated time for a specific perspective at the top of the window?

When I set custom layout, nothing changes-what am I doing wrong?

When running test builds, we’d really appreciate if you could email any questions or comments to Not only will this help us investigate further if you’re encountering a bug, it’ll also help us ensure the team knows about any usability issues. Tips for effectively submitting feedback can be found here. Thank you!

this is good …

For me, the “dog-ear” flag on the status circle and the new thicker circle are not improvements. The thinner circle was more elegant and better suited its new size. The flag can be displayed on the right and the flagged status is also shown by the colour of the circle, so the messy, unclickable “dog-ear” is redundant.

At first I thought the dog ear would be nice, but I also find it messy and unneeded because flagged actions have a unique color. I’d prefer an option to disable it.

I don’t have a problem with the circle thickness.

I think the new layout options will be very useful. One thing I’d like to see is an option to turn off the ghosted “due” and “defer” in every empty date cell. I’d like to see them only when a row or cell is active. Maybe they could also be shown for the very first list entry as a kind of column header.

Furthermore I’d like to toggle the context/project sidebar independently of the perspective tabs - I think this will become more useful now that you offer a more horizontally oriented layout option. When I work inside my custom perspectives, I rarely change the set of selected contexts, so I’d rather use the space for my task list and have a more focussed interface. On the other hand, I switch between different perspectives quite frequently, which is why I’d like to keep the perspective tabs open. Right now, it’s all or nothing because these two very different things are tied together.

Best regards!

I agree with you about the keep-the-perspective-tabs-open-but-lose-the-middle-pane. Please email omnifocus if you haven’t to vote for that feature request. I have.

As for a work-around, depending on your horizontal space, you can right click on the toolbar and add custom perspective icons up there. I currently have the sidebar closed and my perspective icons in the toolbar for 90% of my OF2 usage and it works great. …but still, it would be nice to just see perspective icons on the left-hand side.


When I set custom layout, nothing changes-what am I doing wrong?

Did you find a solution to this? I have the same problem. I set the preference to custom columns and nothing changed.

I had previously been using the URL hack to make single line format - I do’t know if this has anything to do with the problem

Click on the “View” icon (the button with the eye picture). You can set what columns you want to show. Then click “Save” to save the view settings for your custom perspective.

Are you setting the custom layout on a specific perspective, with the View Options toolbar button? Or are you setting it for the whole app in Preferences? If a specific perspective, which one?