Published to Server, but changes not sent

I am using OmniSync Server with a file that’s been used for at least six months with no problems.

I hit publish, it looks like things work…but others don’t see any new updates.

No errors, no indication something is wrong.

Had to start a new file on the server.

watch out for this!

@7eWNWQQD Sorry for the trouble! Is it possible that members of your team are running out of date versions of OmniPlan? Information about version compatibility is available here:

We are all on the same version of Mac and iPad SW (the latest).

@7eWNWQQD Hmm, so much for that theory! If this is still an issue you’re encountering, could you email our Support team so that they can look into troubleshooting it with you? They can be reached by email at Thanks!