Purchase Professional Version - but has a hybrid of base version

This is a puzzle - I started off with OmniGraffle free trial a few years ago - subsequently this week I purchase the base version - and an hour later I purchased the professional version.

But when I launch OmniGraffle it does not look like the professional (this is all on my work computer) - when I downloaded for the first time on my home computer, and activate, the correct professional version shows.

I tried uninstalling OmniGraffle on my work computer - and reinstalling - but there are hidden files it must refer to as the quasi-professional version is launched again.

Does anyone know whats steps to take to enjoy OmniGraffle Pro on my work computer.

My work and home computers are El Capitan and using OmniGraffle6.4

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A complete uninstall and reinstallation did the trick:http://osxdaily.com/2014/07/31/manual-complete-app-removal-mac-os-x-terminal/

It wasted many hours - undoubtably it was a mechanism to prevent users indefinitely extending the free version but it penalises legitimate paying users such when there is a bug in the installation/professional upgrade.