Purchased 2.0 Pro - few questions please

Hi - so I jumped in to the OF pool - hope its warm :)

Few q’s:

  1. Why are some items “greyed” out and how do I control this?
  2. So I guess there are no clear start and end dates to tasks like other PIM software? Am I to assume that I shouldn’t use this OF as a due date manager for some items like bills, etc?
  3. Does anyone know if the iPad version of 2.0 is coming out?
  4. I would love to see better contacts integration!
  5. Can anyone point me to a site of examples of Context/Projects setups in OF - I know its totally personal but would love ideas on how to best setup without getting “cluttered” with too many Projects/Contexts
  6. I see that when I link a mail message to a task in OF and then I tap to open email, it defaults to main inbox but NOT the linked email - why not? Whats the trick here?
  7. I see theres no support for landscape view for attached documents? Will there be?

Thanks for listening!

They’re probably blocked by preceding actions in a sequential project. Check out the documentation about the different project types.

You can specify a hard due date for tasks like paying bills, and you can specify a defer date to hide a task until it can actually be started (for example, you might defer your “Pay Phone Bill” task until the date you will actually receive your phone bill).

We’re working very hard.

Please email us at omnifocus@omnigroup.com to let our Support Humans know you’d like to see this feature.

Are you referring to OmniFocus for iPhone here? Or are you asking us to rotate attachments within OmniFocus for Mac?


@fredK, this new blog post by David Sparks might give you some inspiration.

@hbar, some inspiration for you, in the form of a new blog post, by David Sparks.

update: …you might like this other one, by Brett Kelly, too.

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thanks for the replies - I am referring to iPhone support here for pdf rotation