Push feature in OF 4 (working as expected?)

So the “Push” feature of sync in OF 4 isn’t working the way I understand it to work. Help me to understand if I’m just misunderstanding or there are bugs.

I have about 5 devices that use OF 4: Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad Pro 11-inch, iPad Pro (old model), MacBook Pro. The devices I’m most active with in OF 4 are my iPhone and Watch.

A typical case may be this, which actually happened yesterday: at my office I’m actively managing my tasks on the iPhone, sometimes clearing out tasks from my Watch, sometimes from the phone. I’m also adding new tasks and new projects.

I return home and when I open my iPad Pro 11-inch, which has stayed home the whole day, I noticed that it doesn’t seem to have synced since the morning. Today, when I open my MacBook Pro (which I didn’t use yesterday), I noticed that it hadn’t synced at all since at least yesterday, more than like 18 hours ago if not 24+ hours.

I though the idea of “push” is that soon after a change is made to OF database, that the changes are pushed to devices. If so, how come the devices that I haven’t used have not been synced at all?


Do you have Background App Refresh enabled (in general) and OmniFocus enabled (inside Background App Refresh)? Low power mode also disables it.

Background app refresh is on. Yes, some of the devices are sometimes in low power mode, but the laptop isn’t.

Have the same issue. I will actually get alarms after the item is checked off.

I don’t know what to say except … 🙄

Growing pains, I guess.

When a device is in low power mode, most apps won’t refresh in the background to update. I believe you would need to bring OmniFocus to the front to update when you’re in low power mode.

In the Apple Photos app, my iCloud syncing is paused until I can connect my MacBook Pro to a power outlet to charge.

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I have the same issue. I have background app refresh on for phone and iPad with neither in low power mode and the push sync doesn’t occur.

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