Push sync not working reliably for me

I’ve never had push sync working reliably. Generally, my iPhone syncs in response to a push only around twice a day. The rest of the day i am forced to open the app on iPhone and force a sync. OG have looked into it but blame iOS. It seems like an unreliable solution to me, once again depending on the OS to pass along push requests to OF, only if and when the OS feels the need to do so. I’m not very pleased with the solution and have tried on iPhones and iPads, even wiping an iPad and iPhone to try on a fully fresh setup - still no joy.

Background app refresh has also never worked for me.

Hi Andy,

If you haven’t already contacted us via email to troubleshoot the issues you’re experiencing with Push sync, can you please get in touch at support@omnigroup.com? Since Push sync’s still “in beta,” we’d appreciate the opportunity to track down and iron out any problem areas. Thank you!

The sync is too slow, the mobile app will notify me about due task even I have deleted the task on Mac app hours ago.

device: iPhone 5 SE
omnifocus: 2.21.3

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. A lot has happened to the app over the two years since this thread was created, but as mentioned above, we’d appreciate if you could email us at support@omnigroup.com if you’re having any trouble with using our app. The forums are a great place for community discussion, but if you’re having a problem with our software, the best way for us to provide technical assistance would be over email. Thanks, and happy holidays!