Push -Trigger between iCal/Fantastical and OF for Mac?

Any ways that “Subscription” can be 2ways triggered so we can adjust Start/Due/Estimated Time in Calendar?
e.g. of one particular perspective (e.g. flagged/next)
This would allow this here often discussed issue with scheduling the next day.

any ideas around how to automate that,s ince from first OF3 forMac Screenshots, subscription has been chancelled.
and this drag & drop -into calendar is not really my everyday solution.

Any Workaround like Zapier etc. dont seem to work since individual perspectives cannot be read.

any ideas ?

I was thinking in this direction: https://support.omnigroup.com/omnifocus-push-architecture/

Does anybody know why suscription has been taken of in OF3? Will OF add it to OF3 again soon?
And are users aware of any other functions which have been taken away?