Q: How to pad text elements/values in Forecast view to prevent overlap and obfuscation? [Unsupported UI Modifications]

First of all, I know I’m using an unsupported mechanism to change my fonts. Having said that, is there a way to alter this behavior:

The space between project and context is driving me bananas.

Similarly, while also in Forecast view, the first timeline I see will be fine, but subsequent ones are shorter and get trimmed a bit hiding the values:

I’d love to know if there is a way I could address this.

Hmmm … ???

Does this “obfuscation” behavior happen when you use the standard-issue fonts (take out your “hack”)? If not, perhaps you should be asking for help from the author of your “unsupported mechanism”.

If it does still happen, it may be a bug that you should report to OG.


Well the author would probably be Ken, I lifted it from the thread about using OFIFontRegistry.plist and the appearance tweaks.

It doesn’t happen on another system but may be related to changes in System Font that have been made also. I use Fira Sans as the system font on my Yosemite workstation and it doesn’t happen there, but on my dev workstation using the standard System Font for that OS release it does — you may have me on the right path here.