Question about deferred tasks with no due date:

Based on a suggestion I read, I’m using the tag “next” for things that I want to do, but don’t necessarily have to have a specific due date.

What I want to do is this: Let’s say I complete one of these tasks with the “next” tag. Once I complete it, I want to defer it for two weeks (and again, not have a due date). Is that possible? Thanks!

You can set the action to Repeat Every 2 Weeks with “Schedule the Next” set to Defer Until Date. When you mark this action complete, OmniFocus will assign a defer date such that it becomes available two weeks after you mark it complete.


Note that the repeat settings will be different if the action has a defer date. Specifically, you’ll see a “Repeat From This Item’s” option. Setting it to Completion will calculate the new date based on when you mark it complete.


If the action has both a defer date and a due date you’ll also see a “Schedule the Next” option that allows you to schedule the next action based on either the defer date or the due date.


It’s worth taking some time to experiment with the repeat feature with some sample tasks. It’s a very useful feature that covers a wide range of scenarios.

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Thank you so much, very helpful!!

You’re very welcome, Eric. Good to hear this was helpful!

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