Question about "This Week" and "This Month" Tags


I got the idea from somewhere to use “This Week” and “This Month” as tags.

One question I have though, is what happens when it is actually next month, and the tags still show “this month” — I hope my question makes sense … Curious what y’all’s workflows are with something like this. Thanks!

There is no magic in these tags, just the simple assumption that if you haven’t done the tasks this week or this month, you would probably still want to to them next week or next month, and you might like to be more careful then with assigning more tasks these tags. To me, this is the elegance of the concept, as I can have a busy period with other things I have to do, and when I am finished with those, my ordinary priorities are still there, without any need to reschedule the tasks.

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Right, I’m just looking for a workflow so that when this week becomes “next” week, I can see the tags LABELED “this week” and know that I need to figure out what to do with them … Thx!

When you say workflow are you asking for a script that you can run that will automatically change them?

You could easily create an Omni-Automation that changes all “This Week” to “Next Week” on all remaining tasks, when you run the plug-in.

If it was me, I would just build this into my weekly review if you are following the GTD methodology. I actually have a perspective for “This Week.” I evaluate it in the “Review Action Lists” under the “Get Current” section. Here’s a helpful podcast episode that does a guided weekly review if you aren’t familiar.

Review Action Lists
Mark off completed actions. Review for reminders of further action steps to record.

Add an action to your weekly review to review any tags you with to ensure that everything is still valid, and tag new tasks for next week.

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