Question about using copy-as-link style URLs from FileMaker

The omnioutliner:// URLs generated by Edit > Copy As Link can be used as hyperlinks within a document, and from a different document as long as the target document is already open. It also works from Safari and BBEdit. However, I want to use them to activate a document location from FileMaker, but it doesn’t work because FileMaker doesn’t recognize the omnioutliner protocol. Fortunately FileMaker can execute AppleScript code, so that’s my approach.

One specific question… the Row element has an id attribute. Is that id the same as what you see in a URL like this? omnioutliner:///open?row=jeWKuEMJCby

My question didn’t raise much interest. I have since confirmed that value in the URL is the id attribute of the row element.

So new question:

In AppleScript, how do I refer to a row by its id?

The section in the Omni Automation website about automating the Omni apps and FileMaker Pro may have some information that could be of use?

Re: your last question in applescript, I think this is what you want

id of child 2 of child 1 of document 1
--    --> "aqPgrfSDrJ8"
select row id "aqPgrfSDrJ8" of document 1
topic of row id "aqPgrfSDrJ8" of document 1

Hey Mockman, that has the look of the right solution. Thank you.

The project that motivated this question was a hobby project and went dormant when this thread went dormant. But at some point I’ll dust it off and give it a shot and let you know.


You’re welcome. I hope it works out.