Question about using Siri with Apple Watch to add tasks

Just started using OmniFocus 3 with my iPhone and Apple Watch. On the iPhone, I can say something like “Hey Siri, add take out the trash in OmniFocus” and it will add a task to my inbox. However, on my Apple Watch, when I try the same command it says “I’ll need to access your OmniFocus data to do this. Please enable this on your iPhone”

I can’t find anywhere on the watch or phone to enable access to the data. I can access my OmniFocus through the watch complication, and if I hard press to add a task it works fine. I read the docs for OmniFocus with the watch but didn’t see anything regarding this message.

I’m working around this currently by using Siri on the watch to add a reminder, which I have OmniFocus grabbing into my Inbox, but if I can get it working natively with Siri that would be great. Does anyone know how to get this working?

iOS version on the phone is 13.3.1 and the watch OS is 5.3.8


Open OmniFocus on your watch and then do a “hard press.” A screen will pop that says “New Item.” touch the screen and the watch will go into dictate mode." Speak your task and when it is to your liking press “done” in the upper right corner.

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