Question on folder hierarchy

I have a folder called Personal. Within that, I was thinking I would create a Medical folder where I would put one-off actions like “make appt with doctor X”… but you can only put projects in folders, so I don’t think my idea fits well within the Omnifocus schema. How would you guys organize things like this? I’ve been trying to get away from putting this kind of stuff in the “Calls” context and just letting it get dropped into the Misc project with everything else that I’ve been too lazy to organize. Then again, maybe something like this belongs in the misc folder…

Incidentally, can you guys recommend a good (nay, great?) tutorial/pdf/website on practical folder hierarchy?

I tried using super customized folders for everything and i hated it. It drove me away from OF for a while because I just always felt like I was missing things, so that’s MY practical folder hierarchy.

BUT I do like having projects for everything. Is making an appointment with this doctor really a one-off task? Why are you making it? Is it for an annual physical? Why not make a project called “Stay Healthy” and make this an annual recurring task? Or maybe just a “Stay Healthy” bucket to which you can come back to during your review to say “am i really doing all I can to stay healthy?”

Is it for a specific thing? Shoulder ache? Make a project called “Heal my shoulder” and then it will be empty after you make the appointment…until the doctor gives you some treatment in which case it will be there for all the follow up tasks.

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A project is a group of tasks that will help you achieve a goal. I wouldn’t put one-off tasks in a project.

Create a single action list called Medical Single Actions. Then assign your one-off tasks to Medical Single Actions.

Here is a tutorial

I have folders for different Areas of Reaponsibility: House, Family, Office, etc.

I always put one Single Action List for every folder to hold my one-off tasks. Park all of your single actions on there.

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