Question re converting ACTA files to OmniOutliner

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Hi Jon,
This is totally unrelated to the topic here, however I didn’t know how else to message you.

I saw your post in the archived forums from 2006 requesting help for a way to convert LOTS of ACTA files to OmniOutliner. There were no responses to your post. Believe it or not, in 2021, I am trying to do the same.

I wonder if you figured something out. I’d be grateful if you would share any tips you have on doing this!

  • Will

The original developer of Acta updated the app and renamed it Opal, and recently made the app free (even though it’s under a ‘Try The Free Demo’ link. It works as well as it did in 1987.

So download Opal, open your old Acta files (app might want to make a ‘converted’ copy) then save as OPML for export.