Question re converting ACTA files to OmniOutliner

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Hi Jon,
This is totally unrelated to the topic here, however I didn’t know how else to message you.

I saw your post in the archived forums from 2006 requesting help for a way to convert LOTS of ACTA files to OmniOutliner. There were no responses to your post. Believe it or not, in 2021, I am trying to do the same.

I wonder if you figured something out. I’d be grateful if you would share any tips you have on doing this!

  • Will

The original developer of Acta updated the app and renamed it Opal, and recently made the app free (even though it’s under a ‘Try The Free Demo’ link. It works as well as it did in 1987.

So download Opal, open your old Acta files (app might want to make a ‘converted’ copy) then save as OPML for export.

Thank you for your reply. I have about 600 old ACTA files - I’d love to be able to batch convert them. I do have OmniOutliner 3, which will also open them - and then i can save in oo3 format. I’m wondering if can somehow batch process all my ACTA files to convert them in a one shot - or at least in a few batches.

I have seen a thread about how to batch convert from oo3 to ooutline format. However, I haven’t seen any similar solutions to batch convert from ACTA to oo3 - or to opml - with either OmniOutliner3 or with Opal.

I would be most grateful for any suggestions about this!!

  • Will

I’d create a Keyboard Maestro macro to select the menu commands to convert then close files, then I’d open a few dozen files at a time and run the macro. Sorry, I don’t know of other options.

Thank you very much - seems like good advice! - I haven’t used Keyboard Maestro. I will look into that.

BTW, the older mac I’m doing this - runs Opal 1.2, (A# has only made Opal version 1.3 free). Anyway, it seems I can just as well use my old Omnioutliner 3 to convert these Acta files in same way way as you suggest with Opal. Ultimately, I’d like to get them all to current Omnioutliner format. I’d rather have just one kind of outline file.