Questions About Educational Licenses


I’m new to this forum so please forgive me if I’m asking a redundant or obvious question. My employment with an accredited college starts on Monday. I want to purchase Omnifocus 2 for Mac Pro License today, however, so that I can start getting organized before I begin.

What’s the difference between a Pro Edu and a regular Pro license? And, how would I prove I’ll be working for an accredited college?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

There are no differences between the functionality of OmniFocus with a regular Pro and an educational Pro license. I believe the educational licenses are merely offered as a courtesy to those of us in the land of tight budgets.

When you purchase the license you have to enter the name of your school, where it’s located, what kind of school it is, your ID, affiliation to the school and the website for the institution.

The education store is located here. Like it says there, if you have detailed questions, you can email the sales support team, though they’re likely out of the office until Monday.

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Thanks for your comment @nostodnayr. I was having a hard time finding information on the website about the differences between these licenses. Including the information about what I’ll need to submit about the accredited college is very helpful.

Sorry about that @IcasNerd! If you have any more questions, the folks that handle the email can surely help.

I’ve a question:
I’m using now an education license of OmniFocus 2 (and other OG-products), but since I’m graduated I’m no longer a student anymore.
Do I need to ‘upgrade’ to the full-license or only when there is need to buy a new license?

Sorry, @Vinnie1991, I’m not sure. The best thing to do is contact to see what they say. Good on you for being so honest!