Questions about setup of Projects

I’m just setting up my OF2 on my Mac. I’ve got a question regarding Projects. I’m an engineering consultant and I have a folder called “Legal Cases” under projects. My first notion was to then list each of the cases I’m an expert witness on as separate projects under the “Legal Cases” folder. I then had second thoughts and got to thinking that each case should be a folder (for example “Ford Case”) as a sub folder under the Legal Cases Folder and then start to list all the projects associated with the Ford case in the Ford subfolder.

If I did it the original way, Ford would be listed as a project under “Legal Cases” and then all the tasks/projects would be part on the single Ford Project?

Which way do is a more logical approach for you to find something from the top down?

  • Legal -> (NameA) Case -> [NameA Case] Project 1
  • Legal -> (NameA) Case -> [NameA Case] Project 2


  • (NameA) Case -> Legal -> Legal Project 1
  • (NameA) Case -> Legal -> Legal Project 2
  • (NameA) Case -> Consulting -> Consulting Project 1

Which way would you file the paperwork associated with a given project?

Thinking through these question may help you consider how to organize in OF.


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How often will one of these projects really be a series of projects vs a big project with action groups? If it’s more likely to be what you think of as a series of projects then I would go with the folder approach.

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Hey L,

JJW and Rosemary are asking good questions.

I’d like to suggest that if you aren’t sure of the answers to those questions, that you simply try one of the two methods for a week. Don’t waste time thinking about it.

A week should give you plenty of time to evaluate whether you like a particular setup. If you don’t like the one you picked, try the other one.

Simple and easy.

— Peter


You might also consider how you may need to refer to these in the future, not the same I know but we manage 60+ clients and keep one single action list for each, adding tasks as they come up. If we then get a new project for the client we set it up in a WIP folder, once completed we add a note to the clients list with the project name/link so its easy to pull up in the future. We also keep files/notes etc in DEVONThink which is also referenced from the OF list notes

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